Russian Human Rights Observer

About the Russian Human Rights Observer


The mission of the Russian Human Rights Observer is to monitor and publish reports about potential violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in the Russian Federation.

Parent organization

The parent organization of the Russian Human Rights Observer is the Russian Human Rights Foundation.


The Russian Human Rights Observer is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining a web page at the URL in order to provide crucial information on how to report human rights violations securely from Russia.
  2. Publishing and distributing uncensorable reports, articles and media about human rights violations in Russia.
  3. Reporting to the Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council and referring war crimes and crimes against humanity to the registrar of the International Criminal Court.

Publishing principles

All report about human rights violations will be distrubuted according to the publishing principles described on the URL.


To contact the Russian Human Rights Observer send an email to:
Please note that we do not accept any submission regarding human rights violations by email!